Monday, July 27, 2009

jj/Dum Dum Girls/Washed Out/Joker/Zomby

jj, the first band named in the blog come from Sweden. Usually when you think of Sweden you think of badass metal, the cold and the darkness. Yea, there's the Knife and the Field, but they sound cold and minimal, so it goes with atmosphere. This band sounds mildly cold and not so minimal. 
I heard the whole album, I think pitchfork giving this a 8. whatever the fuck, is highly ridiculous. I thought the whole thing was about as shitty as that new Johnny Depp know, the one that was a 2 hour car chase. I did however like this one track. It's a sexier female version of "Lollipop" by Lil Wayne, except not about blow jobs, it's about drugs. I dig. 

Dum Dum Girls are the act of one women from L.A.. The music is very reminiscent of Vivian Girls. For those of you who don't t know who that is, they are a lo-fi, punk, noise-pop all girl group whom seem to be getting more popular by the second. Dum Dum Girls just got signed to Sub Pop Records and are now among the same label as No Age and Nirvana. That's pretty rad. Hopefully she's not a one hit wonder and keeps bringing the noise. 

From the good old state of South Carolina, Washed Out, a one-man electronic act sounds more like Norwegian filtered disco tinted with lo-fi, shoegaze, than acts like Fleet Foxes. To me it sounds like the Field and Panda Bear got together and made some tracks with maybe some guests appearances by Glass Candy. I'm okay with all of that. It wouldn't be the most entertaining live thing, but it would sure be nice to be good and stoned listening to it. Washed Out is a  good way to end the night or start it off. 

Joker, the 20 yr. old new comer to the dub-step game using elements of funk, soul and r and b to the dub-step game that I've ever heard. Sounding more like a new dub-step producer on Stones Throw than a producer from the UK. His record is coming out in the fall/winter of 2009 and it's sounding to be a real great. If you like these tracks, you should here his new mix he just put out. It's a great study or reading mix. 

Zomby is not as new of an artist as the last few I mentioned, but I have been listening to quite a lot of him lately and wanted to spread the word in case you haven't heard yet.  Zomby combines dub-step, hardcore rave, breakbeat, and the best N.E.S. sounding effects I've heard in yrs. His last LP, Where Were U in '92, was pretty remarkable and he's just about to drop he's new EP, One Foot Ahead Of The Other, and that be released Aug. 25th. 

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