Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Demon Fuzz/Wavves/Lee Fields

Demon Fuzz was a late 60's/early 70's funk, breakbeat, latin-afro, psychedelic and  jazz fusion band from the UK, who unlucky for us, only put out one record, Afreka!
The record is great with little to complain about if you're fans of all the genres mentioned above. 

What's also great is if you scroll down to only the guys chest from the album cover, it looks like 2 eyes females kissing. I only hope thats' supposed to be there. Maybe that should have been the album cover. 

"Mickey Mouse", the new Wavves track sounds like if No Age played drums and guitar with Avery Tare of Animal Collective on vocals, with about the budget and sound quality that Slanted and Enchanted was made on. I like the track but I wish Mr. Wavves would go more in his own direction and not a direction already made by better bands. It's still a catchy track though. Way to go playing with a cast on. That was a surprise.  

Lee Fields has been making records since before I was born. Soul records are hard to get right. I think I've only heard maybe 30 that are almost flawless in my life. I play this record every morning when I wake up and it hasn't gotten old yet. GET IT!

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