Monday, April 5, 2010

Prins Thomas//Aloe Blacc//Sonny and the Sunsets//Thomas Fehlmann

It's really difficult for me to choose tracks for this site. I like a lot of different types of music, but I really started this site as a vent to talk about music that I like without bothering my friends because they're into different music than I'm into (if anyone was wondering).

Prins Thomas peeped his head into our world around 2002 with some remixes that he put out. At this time he was more of a house/tech house kind of producer. He's really blossomed into this wonderful, airy, spaced out, jam oriented, minimal disco producer. With all the elements of 70's production and a deep knowledge of disco that I'll never be able to compete with, he dominates this modern electronic scene. I'm personally drawn to him because he's never gets cheesy. He has a good ear for what each instrument in his songs should do, and how to arrange them.

Thomas recently put out a stellar album collaboration with another Nordic electronic hero, Lindstrom. The album was simply entitled II. This album (self-titled) is Thomas' first solo album. I've played a few tracks out early in the night at clubs and I listen to it constantly in my room. I can't get enough. The album is mostly disco, but contains elements of house and deep house and was released on his own label, Full Pupp. If you are someone looking for a pop hook or if you have a short attention span, this is not for you. I heard Yeasayer just put a new album out, maybe you'll dig that, Pitchfork does.

Aloe Blacc has come a long way from his indie rap debut in Emanon in the mid 90's. He has really blossomed into this influential modern American soul signer. I really hope he keeps progressing.

His new single "I Need a Dollar" seems like a very appropriate song for the life in times in America currently. Shine Through, Aloe's 2006 release seemed a lot more abstract than the new single, which will be on his new album Good Things. The new album will feature members of the groups The Expressions (from Lee Fields and the Expressions) and El Michels Affair. If you haven't heard anything from those guys yet, get the fuck on it.

Good Thing is going to be a pure soul record, unlike Shine Through. Hearing all the Latin influence on the last record though, and knowing that both of his parents are Panamanian, we can expect more Latin influenced music from Aloe to come. I'm very excited to see what this artist does with sound.

Sonny Smith, the singer/songwriter from San Francisco, CA has a lo-fi, beach-pop sound, which may be some of the most charming music that I've heard in a while. I am a classic pop fan (especially the Beach Boys) so this to me is very reminiscent of what maybe a demo version of what a Brian Wilson song would sound like pre-Pet Sounds on just an acoustic guitar. Sonny can't sing as well, but he gets the genre perfectly, which makes me like the music more.

Tomorrow is Alright is the full length and Hypnotist is the new 7". My Friends in the Jacuzzi Boys are playing with Sonny and the Sunsets soon in San Francisco, so if you happen to be in San Fran. around May 21st, go.

Thomas Fehlmann, a sometimes collaborator with the Orb as well as a DJ, musician and producer has just released a full length on Kompakt Records entitled Gute Luft. It's a soundtrack to a TV show in Berlin called "24H Berlin". The album is all electronic based with dub techno, tech house, and ambiance being the basis of sound for the record. I know when most people hear techno they think party, party but this record is the opposite of that. It's a very chill, relaxing record. There's a lot of really beautiful melodies that play throughout it and sometimes the melodies resurface in other tracks throughout the record.

I wouldn't put this record on before I went out to a club or bar but it might be nice to drive home to or listen to on a Sunday morning after a little smoke, doing some Sunday cleaning.

Drummer Steve Reid died this week. He was a frequent collaborator with Four Tet and a well know jazz drummer.