Monday, August 17, 2009

Lightning Bolt/HEALTH/Volcano Choir/Night Plane

Earthly Delights is the title of the new Lightning Bolt record which will be released on Load Records on October 13th. "Colossus" is the first track I've been able to download and it's a different Lightning Bolt than I knew before. Instead of instantly killing you with booms of lighting fast drums and the noisiest bass on the East coast, they start with a build up that lasts 3 and a half minutes until the track takes off into this swirling bass driven drum explosion. The song clocks in over 7 minutes which is a little shorter than "Dead Cowboy" off the Hypermagic Mountain full length. Skate or DIE!

Lighting Bolt: "Colossus" 

I met HEALTH the night before their first show with NIN in Orlando.  Some friends and I drove to Tallahassee to see them. The band that opened up wasn't very good so we went out for drinks before HEALTH played. When we returned, they had already started the first song. It was an explosion of rhythm and noise. I fell instantly in love. The people I came with and I were going apeshit in the front with a very non receptive crowd. 

Their set only lasted about 30 minutes, but it felt worth it to see something so explosive. I talked with the band after their set and bought a 7". I told them we were from Gainesville and about to leave. They asked to stay at my house due to all if us both going south and them having no place to stay. HEALTH followed us back to Gainesville as we jammed out to Minor Threat, the Misfits, Black Eyes, and Bad Brains to keep us awake on the 2 hour drive home. 

The new HEALTH album Get Color is a more mature side of HEALTH with no screaming and a lot more melodic melodies. Maybe they're trying to appeal to a larger crowd? I'm not sure. The music is still very exciting and grabs you because nothing else sounds like HEALTH right now. Still using lots of effects pedals and still heavily drum based. The vocals are still so low that they're just texture in the back ground. They remind me of like My Bloody Valentine. Why aren't there more dance noise bands? I'd love to see these guys with Black Dice. 

Volcano Choir is a new group with the signer of Bon Iver, Justin Vernon. The group consists of members of the group Collections of Colonies of Bees alongside Justin Vernon. The album will be released on Jagjaguwar Sept. 21st and is sounding to be a killer fall album.  This is the first song leaked off the album so far and it sounds a little like the Prefuse 73 Reads the Books E.P mixed with Justin Vernon on vocals. 

Night Plane. There's not to much to say about the track, "Chinese Shadows". I heard it on the 20 Jazz Funk Greats blog and fell in love. This is a NY disco/experimental producer and he's got the grooves. I like this track a lot and can't wait to hear more. The piano work reminds me of the Glass Candy cover of Kraftwerks' "Computer Love" but with vocals by a Trent Reznor or a J. Spacemen sounding guy. The drums remind me of a DFA produced track.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Floating Points/Clubroot/Isolee/Aphex Twin

Floating Points is a recent add to the Planet Mu label and a classically trained musician hailing from London. He's getting a lot of buzz from the experimental and dubstep community and I think once he puts a record out, it's going to be one of the releases of the year. He combines dubstep, ambience, hip-hop and electronic experimentation. The songs I've heard so far remind me of Flying Lotus, Boxcutter and Joker. 

The sound is a mix between the L.A. experimental scene and that London dubstep scene. In the song "K and G" there's a ghostly female vocal sample that seems never ending, which while you're listening the sample flows nicely, when you start thinking about the sample, you realize how unnatural the sample sounds. 

Clubroot is a producer who specializes in UK Garage and Dubstep. He's on the Lo Dub label and has just put out an solid new record self titled, Clubroot. He's a lot more laid back than a lot of the other club music that is coming out. This might be better enjoyed on a Sunday morning, nursing your hangover while writing your blog. Wamp, Wamp.

Isolee (Rajko Muller) is a German Microhouse producer. Go figure. The new track "Albacares", is the first I've heard from Isolee in sometime now. The track has elements of Dub, House and Disco and was released on the Mule Electronic label. I haven't heard any news about a new full length, but I could see it happening prettaaaaayy, prettaaaaaaaaay soon. 

If you don't have any of his past releases, and you like this track, get all of his albums. He is good as just a listening producer but also as a club producer, which is hard to do. He is also credited as the first Microhouse producer to be played in clubs. 

Aphex Twin is a man who really needs no introduction. He's been a DJ and producer since I was in grade school. I'm posting one of his classic track from the album Selected Ambient Works 85-92, which came out in 1993. I was thinking about him today and stumbled across these tracks that I haven't heard in a while. 

If you've heard Aphex Twin's more intense works and didn't like it, this album and tracks are a lot more laid back and perfect for reading to or taking a bike ride though town. 

Bonus Track:

(The top artist is Michael Parradino)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Yo La Tengo/Thom Yorke/Radiohead/Mayer Hawthorne

Songs from the new Yo La Tengo record entitled Popular Songs, is to be released on Matador Records on September 8th as either CD/2xLP/Digital download. The record was recorded in Hoboken and Nashville around early 2009. This will be Yo La Tengo's 12th album released with the last 3 records growing higher and higher on the US Billboard. The last album got up to #66.
Here are 2 tracks off the new album. 

This new Thom Yorke song/cover was recorded for a comp. to come out for Mark Mulcahy of the band Miracle Legion benefit. The comp. is to help Mark Mulcahy raise money for his kids because his wife died suddenly last year. The album is called Ciao My Shining Star: Songs Of Mark Mulcahy. Miracle Legion use to be the house band for the show The Adventures of Pete and Pete. 

This Radiohead song was recorded in memory of Harry Patch, a WW1 veteran in Britain that Thom Yorke saw an interview with in 2005 and was deeply moved. Harry died at the age of 111.

On a happier note (this song doesn't really fit in with this blog, in fact this blog is making me wonder if I'm depressed) Mayer Hawthorne has a new video that looks to be shot in LA.  I already posted the song, but I guess I can do it again. 

Thursday, August 6, 2009

No Age/DEATH/Woven Bones

Last year I saw No Age in Tampa with Les Savy Fav. I drove all the way from Gainesville so I was pretty stoked to see the band that I'd been in love with for a while. Some local band opened, I didn't catch their name due to the fact there was free PBR around and lots of new people to meet. After the first band set up, I realized that it was taking quiet a while to soundcheck for No Age. 
After half an hour or so No Age finally take the stage. It's pretty obvious that they're annoyed with the soundcheck. Their act cool anyway and begin to tear shit up. The sound is off though because they are meant to be heard at higher volumes. I make sure to bitch to my friends around me that this is fucked up. 

So everything is going okay for a few songs with the volume still low. Next thing you know the drum vocals go out (if you've never seen No Age, that's the main vocals). They don't stop playing though and just sing really loud while trying to get a mic off to the side of the stage to see if it'll work. No success. That mic is also fucked. After that it's an uphill battle. All the mics start slowly going out. It's starting to look like sabotage from the sound guys running the show. To me that makes so sense because No Age wasn't even on tour, that got paid by Nike to play the 10yr. anniversary of the Skate Park of Tampa. They flew from L.A. That's fucking ridiculous. 

During the last song "Everybody's Down", the guitarist Randy Randall climbs to the highest part of the stage after he loops the main guitar riff. While this is happening Dean Spunt the drummer starts grabbing the drum mics that are surprisingly still working and starts to sing the words to the song. Dean then starts walking to the front of the stage passing out mics to the crowd who is also singing the words as loud as possible. Then as soon as Dean runs back the drums Randy jumps from where he's at and the song starts. It explodes. The crowd goes nuts into a giant mosh pit and the set is saved. 

After the set I met Randy and told him I'd punch a sound guy in the head for both of us having a having a frustrating night, Randy more so. He laughed and said it's cool. I've still not had a good time in Tampa. Tis had been my 4th trip.

The new No Age EP is streaming for free at, and it's called Losing Feeling. Stream it here for free. 

No Age: "Genie" off the new EP

When the Beatles played on Ed Sullivan in the 60's, the Hackney brothers were made to sit down and watch the performance as it was supposed to be monumental. Soon after that, the brothers start an R and B band in Detroit , Michigan. Alice Cooper comes to town soon after that and the Hackney's decide they want to be a hard rock band named DEATH (fourth photo from the top). The rest is history.

They didn't have much recorded material, but what they did record was life changing. It was unheard of in 1971 for 3 African Americans to be playing this hard rock/proto punk. It kind of reminds me of a mix between the Clash and MC5, but more intense. 

The band's getting back together and playing Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest. I hope I can go. Shit's going to be nuts if they can still rock. 

Woven Bones (fifth photo from the top) is an Austin based who loves primitive drums and loud abrasive, fuzzed out guitars. Think of "Sister Ray" by the Velvet Underground or "Rumble" by Link Wray. I actually had one of these guys in my art history class in Gainesville. There are other comparisons such as Jesus and Mary Chain, which I thought of immediately. Either way, the songs are killer. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Bloody Valentine Richmond, V.A. July 30th 2009

My friend Matthew and I decide to drive to Richmond, V.A., which is about 10.5 hrs. hrs. away from Gainesville at about 3a.m. Wednesday night. The show was on Thursday night and we didn't want to be late, so we jumped in his car and hit the road. 

Matthew drove first drinking a giant Red Bull to stay awake and I drove second with a Starbucks Doubleshot to keep me awake. He made it 2 hrs. and so did I, leaving us in South Carolina somewhere off 95. 

We slept from about 7 until 10:45, with checkout at 11. To get rid of some boredom, we smoked a little in the car and listened to the new Lee Fields record. My World has never sounded so good.

We arrived in Richmond around 7 with plenty of time to kill.  We grab a few a beers and check the crowd out. It's a mixed crowd of older people, goths, hippies, and hipsters. I guess we're somewhere in between. Close in the back we find a spot that we both agree is safe for our hearing and viewing pleasure. As we go to smoke outside, we ask this geeky indie/hippie kid to watch our spot. DUMB MOVE! When we returned that little fucker wouldn't give our spot back. We could have beat the shit out of that kid, but we're too nice for that. 

As soon as the band starts I have my earplugs in waiting for shuttering noise to burst my head open. I slowly take my shitty cheap earplugs out to test the volume. It's fine. I put the earplugs back in just in case of a sudden burst of noise erupts and I burst something. 

The whole set was quiet amazing with pink and blur lights with a giant screen in the back projecting exactly what you would think MBV would project (check the photos up top for more details). It wasn't until "You Made Me Realise" that the swirling Hurricane Katrina of sound would come and send people to the exit. For 15 straight minutes all I heard was the loudest screeching, I've ever experienced. It was as if I was falling from the highest part of the atmosphere and I could see and feel all the amazing sensations with flashes of white, blue, pink and green without dying or catching on fire. I did feel I might throw up at a point but that's it. Just at the breaking point where I was questioning whether this would ever end, the song snapped back into place and their set was over. No encore, no bows. Go the fuck home. How would you encore that?

After that we drove to DC in an hour and a half with very little words and no music. My body was still filling the effects of the music and so was my brian. I just wanted silence. 


I Only Said 
When You Sleep
You Never Should 
(When You Wake) You're Still In A Dream 
Cigarette In Your Bed 
Come In Alone 
Only Shallow 
Nothing Much To Lose 
To Here Knows When 
Feed Me With Your Kiss 
You Made Me Realise


At about 45 sec. is when the madness starts and my brain starts to shut down or fry a little.

1. I Only Said 
2. When You Sleep 
3. You Never Should
4. (When You Wake) You're Still In A Dream
5. Cigarette In Your Bed
6. Come In Alone
7. Only Shallow
8. Thorn
9. Nothing Much To Lose
10. To Here Knows When
11. Slow
12. Soon
13. Feed Me With Your Kiss
14. You Made Me Realise-15 minute Holocaust

1. I Only Said 
2. When You Sleep 
3. You Never Should
4. (When You Wake) You're Still In A Dream
5. Cigarette In Your Bed
6. Come In Alone
7. Only Shallow
8. Thorn
9. Nothing Much To Lose
10. To Here Knows When
11. Slow
12. Soon
13. Feed Me With Your Kiss
14. You Made Me Realise-15 minute Holocaust.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dam Funk/Flying Lotus/Kode 9/Jazzsteppa

Dam Funk (the first photo form the top) is the newest Southern California space funk master mind on the Stones throw label. Dam Funk specializes in 80's keyboards, drum machines and vintage synthesizers. He brings us into the era of "Modern Funk" and I like it. You can also call his music L.A. Boogie or Electro-funk. 

Dam Funks drums hit hard sounding like early Prince (analog drum machine). The synths sound spaced out, and the vocals are never there to bring you deep lyrics or meaning, but just to add texture to the song. The vocals are not the main melody makers for Dam Funk; heavy synths are key. Dam has promised 3 E.p.'s this year,  let's see how far he gets. 

Flying Lotus (second photo from the top) is an L.A. based producer who's real is Steven Ellison which seems unsuitable because his music sounds pretty ahead of its time when it comes to club music in the states. His first album has 1983 and appears on the label Plug Research and was met with acclaim but not as much as his newer record, Los Angeles which has been met with high acclaim on the international experimental, instrumental, hip-hop, electronic, and Brazilian music scene and was released by Warp Records. He doesn't just make club music though, he makes listening music for you by yourself while you're reading in your room. There is so much to look forward to in FlyLo, the great nephew of the late great Alice Coltrane. 

I heard about Kode 9 2 yrs. ago from a Dubstep compilation I picked up from the Souljazz label. The songs I heard on that comp. were pretty good but it wasn't until a good friend of mine saw him DJ in New York and he told me Kode 9 killed it that I wanted to hear more. I got a hold of the some more of his singles and trying to digest why it was that Kode 9 was so great. I soon found out. I'm not the biggest fan of Spaceape who is a very popular dubstep MC, and he was featured on most of the songs that I heard. 
Kode 9 a.k.a Steve Goodman of Glasgow, Scotland is a dubstep producer along with dancehall, dub reggae,  but has roots in drum and bass, 2-step garage, and jungle. Now he is the owner of Hyperdub records and prominent dubstep producer in London. 

Jazzsteppa, a 3 piece group who range from dubstep, experimental, Nu Jazz,  and electronica. The members are Andea who does vocals, Barbie who MC's, plays trombone and effects, and Xperimentalists who does DJing, drums and effects. There are better tracks by this group but this one's nice. The singer of the group the Kills use to sing in a band from Gainesville called Discount. I saw them play in Miami when I was 15.