Saturday, April 9, 2011


My buddy Dan and I started a new podcast/website. Check it out if you liked this blog. It's called Brooklyn Bass at For now R.I.P. Themorethatido.

-Thomas M. Callihan

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thom Yorke Hits Broadway

Who would have guessed that one of the most dramatic vibratos in the past decade would have been destined for Broadway. Yes, that's right Thom Yorke will be doing a one man show of Radiohead tunes on
Broadway. "After seeing what Green Day's American Idiot did for youth culture I had to respond with something in the same vain, but more me" Yorke says. The play entitled No Surprises is set to start in late September and will be directed by Tony Award winner Michael Mayer (not the awesome Komapkt recording artist). Jonny Greenwood is also set to compose the musical. I have a feeling this is going to be a winner.

This is also a joke and not true.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

James Blake's "Wilhelm Scream" video

This is pretty old but still pretty rad so I thought I should post it. If you don't have the record, get on it. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Joy Orbison to release new Single "Wade In/Jels"

Joy Orbison went from post dubstep producer (?) to straight up bad ass house producer. I won't write too much here. I think the man liked making tracks that sounded great sonically ("Hyph Mngo" e.g.) but realized kids were not shitting themselves on the dance floor like they should have been. I don't think kids every shit themselves for house music but O's making really interesting sounding tracks and doing it well. He's also a baby (only 23 years old I think). In 5 years he could be even more amazing. Him and Nicolas Jaar are killing shit right now. Everything they put out I'm all over and I can't get enough of. The new single will be released on March 21st on Hotflush Recordings who also just seems to be killing it right now with artists such as Mount Kimbie, Scuba and Boxcutter.

Pretty weird that Arcade Fire won the Grammy for best album last night for their record the Suburbs. I like the title track and "Sprawl II"but the rest of the record reminded me too much of Green Day's American Idiot or maybe just a pop-punk record. Maybe I'm turning into an old man but I'm really not that teenage angst anymore. I do like No Age though?

I want to write more about Nicolas Jaar right now but I'm not going to and try to absorb his record and get back to this after a while. This is also the third or fifth time I've written about Joy O. Do I have a man crush or what?

Joy Orbison: "Wade In" (via FACT)
Joy Orbison: "Hyph Mngo"


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Switchboard @ the Ace Hotel

A new monthly party has formed via Telephoned (Sammy Bananas and Maggie Horn) at Liberty Hall in the Ace Hotel on the first Tuesday of every month. The idea is the DJs and vocalist reproduce songs in new ways in however the artists see fit. I saw some of Telephoneds set and thought it was alright. I think I kind of just walked into their set and didn't know what was going on yet. There was also some sound issues with feedback that was slowly taking cared of during Telephoned set. I meet Maggie Horn at the bar and told her the set was nice.

I was most excited to see Shyvonne (you might know from Kindom's "Mindreader") and Eli Escobar.
When Shyvoone got on the mic everyone magically swept towards her like she was some kind of mystical soundtress. When she sang too, HOLY FUCK she could belt out some notes. I don't get to see live R and B or house type vocalists live so this was a refreshing experience. I would love to see her do this again. If she sang some house/soul classics I might shit myself.

By the time Eli got on the decks for his set my posse was half done and so was the crowd. No one seemed like they were in a dancing mood which to me was kind of bullshit. He was playing a killer set though.

As we were getting ready to leave I walked up to meet Eli and see what his DJ set up was. I looked to my left as I walked to the decks and sure enough Diplo was right there. I don't really get star struck but I was surprised to see him there on a Tuesday night. Here's how our conversation went...

Me: Diplo???(surprised to see Diplo)

Diplo: Yeah, what's up man?

Me: What are you doing in the city?

Diplo: I had a court date.

Me: For what?

Diplo: For breaking some dudes arm.

Me: Why'd you do that? (thinking he was kidding)

Diplo: Because he was fucking with me.

Me: OK, see you later. (realizing I might become annoying)

My girlfriend also told me that night that Diplo was sexy like 1,900 times. Thanks, I get it;)

James Brown: "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (Eli Escobar Bmore Club edit)"

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kode 9 @ The Cove

Kode 9 (aka Steve Goodman and owner of Hyperdub Records) came to Williamsburg, NY January 28th 2011. I was very excited to see my first Hyperdub DJ/producer live in my new city the day before my birthday. Unfortunately, I drank too much coffee and alcohol before his set at the Cove and don't remember any of it. He did play funky and house based tracks instead of the more dubstep influenced stuff he usually produces. I wish I had a list of tracks he played but I think that might of been the pile of barf I left in the cab on my way back home. Also, this is the first time I've ever puked in public in all my years alive now. Parents if you're reading this, I watched some TV and passed out early. If you can imagine though---I had a very happy birthday.

I know I haven't posted in a while. My internet is not up yet at my new place. The new Simian, Hercules jj and Toro y Moi are out. One of those has to be good. Until I write again...

Kode9 mix for XLR8R from a while back entitled Bubble 'N'Squeak. Download it!

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Brooklyn Bound

I'm moving to Brooklyn in a few days with my very lovely girlfriend and I don't know how long it will be until my next post. Before I leave Gainesville, FL (about fucking time) I'd like to leave everyone with some tracks that helped me grow up while I was here. It might look like a weird list but these tracks  really helped me on my path of music geekery and and becoming a DJ or at least somewhat of one. This might be my college playlist, maybe? I might look very cliche after all of this? I'll take that. 

Oh, and the new James Blake album leaked so get you hands on it some how. It's really, really, really good.

The Beatles: "Revolution 9"
This might have been the first time I heard an abstract and minimal song placed on a pop-rock album. The song sounds silly to most, but I was impressed very much with the balls the Beatles had to put this long track on a commercial rock record. I think I actually read that John's the only one who wanted it on the record. Either way, here it is.

Bob Dylan: "I Want You" 
I think at this time I was in love and I liked the way he expressed that idea. I couldn't find cliches in Dylan's writing and thought his words came off more genuine than what I heard in pop (as much as he didn't want to be considered pop) music before. Dylan also got me into the Beat Generation writers like Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs. Both writers made me change the way I thought about literature in that they didn't do what they were suppose to do and had this very unique perspective on the world. This I liked.

The Velvet Underground: "I'm Waiting for My Man"
"I'm Waiting For My Man" to me is almost like one of the first rap songs. It's about what's happening on the streets away from the eye of the white collar working folk, but also about buying drugs. The train thump drum beat in this song is what really makes the song interesting besides the already ballsy lyrics. This showed me that you didn't have to be traditional in your song writing. 

Can: "Vitamin C"
This was one of the most important times in my life. I started to realize I liked production, interesting approach to song writing and music that overall didn't do what it was supposed to do in pop standards. I still think this beat is one of the more interesting ones I've heard in years. 

Ricardo Villalobos: "Dexter"
Villalobos was to me what to jam bands are to some kids. I just didn't want to take a hand full of drugs and dance all day at a festival with 10,000 other smelly kids with the same intention. Villalobos made smart bedroom music that sounded really good in a nice pair of headphones or a really nice sound system. It also made me feel more patient towards music on a whole. The song is nine minutes and some change long but it never really loses momentum. There's not too many sound artists that could pull that off. This was also when I decided that I liked house music for the first time. 

Liquid Liquid: "Optimo"
This track convinced me that you could be punk, indie, hip-hop, disco or a house music person, but as long as you liked interesting sound and dancing you were would like this song. This song might have made me a dance DJ as much as Villalobos made me a bedroom DJ. One of the best things I saw this year was watching Liquid Liquid on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon perform "Cavern" with the Roots, even the Roots seemed stoked. To me it was like seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan. 

Animal Collective: "Leaf House"
Another really good example of interesting music from kids who weren't doing what they were suppose to do with music. It was like Brazilian Tropicalia, hip-hop (at least samplers being used), weirdo pop, and folk all came together. It's really cliche to like Animal Collective as a white kid, but damn those guys have been doing a really great job not doing the same thing twice and being constantly progressing into whatever they want to be.

Madvillain: "Accordion" 
As much as this could be white boy hip-hop, Doom still sounds hard and that he won't take shit from nobody. As weird as the lines are "Hey you/ don't touch the mic like there's A.I.D.S. on it", the music still comes off raw and original. I never thought an accordion could be the main melody maker in a hip-hop track either--- I was wrong. I heard that Doom and Madlib are working on round two of this project; I hope this is true. 

Motor City Drum Ensemble: "Raw Cuts 3"
I try to listen to house tracks on the reg but it's hard when songs are nine minutes long, you work full-time and you have a girlfriend. I got really lucky to hear MCDE aka Danilo Plessow production of Detroit techno, Chicago house, and classic disco and soul. These are all things that I enjoy very much. If you're an organic, soul or analog type person this might be the guy that gets you into house music. 

Burial: "Ghost Hareware"
A friend of mine comes to Gainesville a few years ago (right before Untrue came out). He plays me the Burial's Untrue album and speaks about so romantically that I feel that I missed out on something truly important. My internet is not hooked up my new place so I can't get a hold of it. Luckily for me a local record shop has the Ghost Hardware EP. I buy it and start listening to it a lot and try to figure out how to use it. I feel it goes well with the downbeat early night stuff like Nobody and Flying Lotus. I throw this on one night when my friend who originally played me Burial came to town. He immediately lets me know I've been playing the track too slow. I feel like an ass but we both decided the track sounded cool both ways and that I mixed it in well either way. This is the first dub-step artist that I really got into and then I started paying attention to more UK club music. 'Nuff said.