Monday, July 13, 2009

Home Run Derby

Since the home run derby is tonight, I decided to do an all rock and roll post. Some of this shit is new, some of it might be a little old. All and all, it's somewhat new. 
Anyway, my friend Andre' s brother plays in the Jacuzzi Boys. They're a lo-fi, rock and roll band, drenched in bar-b-q sauce, riding around a swamp in an air boat in Florida, while blasting the Stooges at full volume, shoot gunning your favorite shit beer. A Miami Favorite of mine.

Ty Segall is similar to Jacuzzi Boys but with more reverb and heavier on the psychedelics and from San Fran. This song's entitled "Pretty Baby" and it kills. These dudes better get to Florida sometime soon. 

King Khan is another group who the world should of 
heard of by now. They hail form Atlanta and from what
I heard put on a killer show. They haven't came to 
Gainesville yet, but hopefully soon. This is the video for
"Fish Fight".

The Black Lips...need I say more. This is from there new
record, buy it now! This song is called "I'll be with you". If
you ever get a chance to see them, do it, they put on a
killer show.

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