Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Choice Summer Tracks

So far Jimmy Cliff's movie and soundtrack The Harder They Come has ruled my past 3 summers. The movie reminds me if Martin Scorsese made a movie in Jamaica with a classic western plot as the story line. After watching the movie, you will appreciate the soundtrack even better. I watched this movie before my road trip to Austin, TX, and so the soundtrack became our (my roommate and his girlfriends) soundtrack to Tejas. "The Harder They Come" is the perfect theme for the movie and soundtrack. 

The Avalanches Since I Left You is another summer time album that I put on every year and it only gets better with age. The group  is a DJ collective from Melbourne, Australia that started off as a punk band influenced by the Fall. The record Since I Left You contains over 3,500 samples throughout the recording. They haven't recorded their second record yet but maybe it will be released sometime soon. Here's the title track. The song's very disco and it's also a great start to a DJ set.

El Michels Affair is another group I've been digging this summer. The group was a recording experiment until the group got asked to do some songs for Raekwon from Wu-Tang Clan to tour with because the cinematic funk sound of El Michels Affair was close to that of the Rza's raw production on Enter the 36 Chambers. The group will soon have their own record out with originals. The group is not a one man effort though, even though the name is miss leading.

Glass Candy, a 2 piece group from Portland, Oregon is an electronic/disco group who refuses to do the usually 4/4 disco that everyone is use to. The members are Johnny Jewel and Ida No. Johnny started the label Italians Do It Better, due to his love of Italian disco. I first become introduced to the group by watching a midi festival video where I thought they did an excellent job. Here are some choice tracks and a video.

Phaseone, a dude hailing from St. Louis, Missouri keeps putting out 
these remixes that are killer. He doesn't take too much away from 
the original song but does change the mood. I opened up a DJ 
set with one his remixes and some hippie stoner kid came up 
and said "dude I'm stoned and I love whatever you're playing."
I Hope his record is as good as the remixes.

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