Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Flying Lotus Video

A new Flying Lotus video dropped (via Twitter). The song is great and unreleased. ENJOY!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Atlas Sound Videos

Incase you missed it, Pitchfork TV posted some videos of Atlas Sound that I thought were quite nice. "Sheila" is one of my favorite tracks off the newer Atlas Sound record also, and one of the tracks chosen, so more good reason to check these videos out.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Liquid Liquid on Jimmy Fallon

Liquid Liquid recently played on the Jimmy Fallon show? What, that great No Wave, funk, experimental, minimal band from New York who Grandmaster Flash sampled on the song "White Lines (Don't Do It)" played on the lame ex-SNL members late night talk show? I was confused by this but ok with it too, based on the idea that I might not ever see Liquid Liquid, especially see them with the Roots. This is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gonja Sufi video

New Gonja Sufi video I just stumbled over. I think I might post a few video only blogs to keep this thing moving along more fluently.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dimlite:::Sabbo:::Nina Simone via Felix da Housecat :::James Brown via Eli Escobar

I don't start my new job until Monday, so I have some time to kill, posting tracks and bullshitting around. Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo and I played the Sabbo track and the James Brown via Eli Escobar re-edit, it killed. There was some pretty crazy dancing for such a chill place.

Dimlite is a Switzerland born producer who I actually found just recently. I fell in love instantly. He's been releasing tracks since 2003 and, from the earlier stuff I’ve heard, has really come into his own and developed his own sound. His newest release is Prismic Tops. I Feel like this guy would fit in well in L.A. with Flying Lotus, Nobody, Gaslamp, and all those dudes. I'm always exited to hear interesting downbeat, experimental, electronica.

Dimlite: "Diana Won't"

More influenced by roots club/dance music, Sabbo gives us his Tel Aviv version of dance music. Some of his biggest influences being Fela Kuti, Funkadelic, James Brown, Bootsy Collins, The Meters, and Nina Simone. I'm really into how this guy makes his music, especially being from Israel. The new EP is called It Is the Time. The record has dancehall, dubstep, and electronic elements. If world club is more your thing, check this out.

Perfect Loosers feat. Karo MC: "Bandits (Sabbo rmx)"

Maluca: "El Tigeraso (Sabbo rmx)"

The Chicago native, Felix da Housecat, is getting the remix right with Nina Simone's classic "Sinnerman". I didn't hear this song when it first came out but now I hear it on some God damn commercial every 5 seconds. Either way, the track is done very well. I could see this one being a house classic. Only time will tell.

Nina Simone: "Sinnerman (Felix da Housecat's Heavenly House Mix)"

Eli Escobar is one of my favorite producers to remix a song. The first one I heard of his was the Justice song, "D.A.N.C.E." I liked Eli's version because instead of taking the hard electro route (which I think is easy) he chose a more laid back housey way to change the song. Here, with his take on "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag", he turns the James Brown classic into a straight dance-floor, Baltimore club banger. I used this song twice last week and it killed both times. Way to go Eli. Way to make Gainesville get down. Hopefully he's reading this in his East Village apartment.

Freddie Gibbs' new thang...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Onra::Mos Dub::Mind Spiders::Diamond K and Al Ripken Jr.

It's been a while since I posted last so I'll make this short and sweet. I'll also keep this one more upbeat than the past few, just to keep it more entertaining.

Onra is a newer DJ/producer and from France and is killing it on his new single Long Distances. The single contains elements of electronica, soul/funk, and hip-hop. Fans of artists like Dam Funk, Hudson Mohawk, Flying Lotus, Prince, and J Dilla will dig this. This EP has been playing nonstop in my room for a few weeks now. GET THIS!

Onra: "Long Distance (feat. Oliver Daysoul)"

Onra: "High Hopes (feat. Reggie B.)"

Mos Dub is a new project that mixes Mos Def tracks with classic reggae tracks. It's produced by Max Tannone, a silly white kid from New York, who makes these great mash-ups. These are very appropriate summer songs. I'm very glad this happened.

Mos Dub: "History Dub"

Mos Dub: "Johnny Too Beef"

Mind Spiders is a new garage/power pop band from Texas that really blows shit out. The new 7" is self titled and is a side project of Mark Ryan of the Texas punk band The Marked Men. Play this loud.

Mind Spiders: "World's Destroyed"

Diamond K and Al Ripken Jr. are Baltimore club DJ/producers on the Top Billin' label. The new EP Hands in the Air is going to be playing in your local club soon, so you might as well get on this shit now. There's not really anything new going on here, but it's still good, fun Baltimore club to get down to. The Bok Bok remix of "Hands in the Air" on this record is my favorite, but the "Single Ladies, Single Fellas" track seems to be pretty popular as well. Wah-bam!

Diamond K and Al Ripken Jr.:"Hands In The Air (Bok Bok Rmx)"

Here's 2 bonus videos by Wild Nothing and Dominique Young Unique (she'll be in Gainesville in July).

Wild Nothing - Chinatown from Jack Tatum on Vimeo.