Tuesday, November 30, 2010

L-Vis 1900 and Kingdom @ Czar in Tampa

L-Vis 1990 and Kingdom in Tampa
Monday November 2nd in Tampa, FL I was very lucky to see the UK DJ/Producer L-Vis 1990 and the DJ/Producer Kingdom from NYC. About 4 weeks before the 2nd I was told that these artists are coming to Florida and I was very,very surprised. Kids in Tampa don't really dig UK Funky, House or the sounds of the above mentioned future bass DJ/producers. Despite the Florida scene, I was excited nevertheless. I'd never seen DJs that I really love and this would be the first time so I started making plans with some friends to go to the show. Unfortunately, only 2 of my friends knew who or what the artists were. No Buneo.

On the way to the show we tried to sell some more of our friends on a free show in Tampa by no one is really into Tampa so it was a no go. I almost got my girlfriend to go but she had a school project due so that wasn't happening either.

I got picked up around 7 and hit the liquor store to avoid over priced drinks at the bar. We just ended up with a flask of whiskey and some smokes to keep us entertained for our 2 hour road trip.

We pull into Tampa around 9:30 and go to the club only to find it's not open yet (doors at 10:00). Food is on all of our minds so we hit up Tampa's famous Mema's Alaskan Tacos. The food is on point and we killed enough time just for doors at Czar to open. As soon as walked in I asked for the drink specials. As soon as the bartender told me they had $2 Rogue Amber and $2 Rogue Porter I almost did a triple back flip. In Gainesville, Rogues go about $5-$7 a pint. This was already a start to a good night.

The first 2 DJs are not really mixing and just kind of playing whatever to get people into the mood. The first DJ, Rob Wonder played some Burial and that's about all that was memorable. It wasn't a bad set but one that I ignored. The second DJ was Blu Jemz, who is a Turntable Lab Radio DJ. He's set was all over the place as well. He wasn't mixing but dropping tracks and not really sticking to a genre or meshing too well. I think maybe both these guys can kill it but since they're opening they were playing whatever.

By the time Kingdom got on the decks I already had 3 pints and a shot so I was feeling pretty good. Kingdom started off with the track "I Need Love" by Roska. I was already into this seeing that I've never heard anyone play this track out live before except and my friend and frequent DJ partner Ernie.
Everyone started gathering around as soon as Kingdom hit the decks to see what this guy was going to do/play. He played pretty chill for about forty-five minutes until L-Vis 1990 hit the decks. HOLY SHIT!

When L-Vis started playing his first track, the crowd really started to move and get into the Kingdom/L-Vis realm of musical selection. I got really excited and was surprised kids were getting into it. I was losing my shit and I was wishing I had a posse of friends to enjoy this with. I couldn't really tell you too much what L-Vis played but it was great, exciting and fresh sounding. I know he played a few tracks off his label Night Slugs which he runs with fellow DJ/producer Bok Bok. The weird thing was is that this club didn't have any dance lights. If they had them, they were not in use.

In the end most kids left early but L-Vis's set just got better and better as the night went on. I ended up being asked to leave as I was talking with Ezra Rubin (Kingdom) and James Connolly (L-Vis 1990) about how kids in Florida don't like house music very much, but they're more into hard electro and heavy dubstep. I almost see that stuff as the metal or pop-punk of the electronic music scene. On the ride home I slept the entire time and woke up in home in Gainesville, FL.

L-Vis 1990: "Forever You"
Kingdom: "Mindreader "

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