Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Burial "Fostercare"

I've been waiting and waiting for the day a new Burial song drops. I didn't really count the Four Tet collaboration. I wasn't too impressed by that. In idea, it was cool but Four Tet hasn't put out good music in a while. 

The new Burial track "Fostercare" is as you remember Burial, dark, cerebral, and layered in sound. 
To me Burial always sounds like some post-apocalyptic society where there are very few people, the air is smokey, buildings are in shambles, but somehow there are these abstract voices coming over the smoke feeling you with comfort. It's a freaky place but a place I like to go. The wood block snare is still present, the sampled she-male voices are still here and the layers of sound still blow your mind. 

One time I gave my friend a copy of Untrue and we listening to "Archangel"  and she said she wished the song would last forever. I couldn't have agreed more (Lauren you know that's you). 
Burial wins. 

I saw Mayer Hawthorne last night so there's an interview coming soon. If you have any question request, hit me up. 

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