Sunday, October 25, 2009

Izza Kizza and Skinny Friedman @ Modern Amusement Wednesday

Izza Kizza, Timbaland's new go to emcee on Timbaland's own label Mosely Music Group, will be performing at Modern Amusement Wednesday with Skinny Friedman of the Philadelphyinz and Ernie and I. I'm really excited to be a part of another big hip-hop act right after playing with Del.  Izza's rhyming actually reminds me of Timbaland except maybe Izza's lyrics remind me more of Missy Elliott. The production on his tracks are also a little more spaced age sounding than most of the Timbaland stuff, and I'm okay with that. The man is under the age of 30, from Valdosta, Georgia and aiming to be a great. He's worked with mainstream greats like Lil Wayne, Missy Elliott, David Banner and Twista. I still don't know how he ended up playing our night. The free Alize that sponsors their tour with an open Alize bar from 10-12 is also a perk. People are going to be drunk early and wanting to dance. 

I'm actually more nervous to play with Skinny because it's not very often that I (we) work with DJ's who use turntables REALLY well. Ernie and I are going to practice a set for Wednesday so we don't sound tooo bad.

Here are some tracks. I'll do a real blog soon and stop writing about things going on in town. Promise.

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