Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Modern Amusement Wednesdays Week 4

The first group I wanted to mention is Jackpot, a disco producer coming out of the Sweden. I can't find to much on this guy/girl but I do like what I've heard so far and if you like darker sounding disco that's a tad experimental this could be right up your ally. "Jungle Gym" is pretty dark in tone almost sounding like an intro to a 80's action film. The next track "Brief Encounter" has disco drums, handclaps, sexy 70's chic female vocals and backup vocals, trance type effects on the chorus vocals, disco bass, and latin influenced congas. It's almost a perfect song. If this is a real band playing, they're killer. I feel it might not be. 

The next artist is a man named Larry Levan who puts out high quality, authentic disco remixes. Larry is from New York and is known for introducing dub into club music. He also was a big part of the Paradise Garage. The owner of club actually hired Levan to bring in white collar gay males to kind of bring in a Studio 54 type crowd, but Levan's eclectic style brought in street wise minorities and punks. Every song by Levan I've heard so far, I've fallen in love with. The song selection alone is great and the vibe is equally as great. If more DJ's were like this, clubs would be a more fun place to go. 

Here's a video I saw on Pitchfork that blew me away. I use to listen to this group a few years ago but now I'm going to take the album a little more serious. 

Sit through the ad. It's worth it. Believe me. The back up vocals blow me away. We are truly coming into a new era. 

Questlove after the performance asked the group to open for the Roots at an up coming show. HOLYSHIT! 

My first trip to NY I was listening to a lot of Bibio. I don't really listen to too much indie rock nowadays, but I heard this record and shit. The diversity and production on this recording have gone way beyond the laid back music I knew of Bibio before. This is a new found maturity. Sometimes I hear Mali style guitars, sometimes it's funk and soul, then out of left-field it's a J Dilla style track and some Boards of Canada style productions. Truly a music geeks dream. 

Bibio - "Fire Ant" the Dilla style track 

Special Treat:

Since I'm going to see Mayer Hawthorne tomorrow, here's 
another EXTRA BONUS!

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