Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Motor City Drum Ensemble, Woods, Fever Ray and Nosaj Thing

Fall in Gainesville is nothing like fall in Sweden (above) but non the less, it's beautiful outside 90% of the time. Being from Miami and hearing people bitch about how cold it is and them being from South Florida is funny. Gainesville at least kind of has 4 seasons. That's prettttttty, pretttttttty normal. 

So this is what I've watching/listening to lately. Nosaj I already wrote about but this video is pretty great, even if you don't get playing electronic music live, you might like it more now. Fever Ray (one half of the Knife) you should know but this video is pretty funny. The Woods (folk, psychedelic, jam band)you should already know too, but also a great video.

Motor City Drum Ensemble (disco, deep house) are an impressive duo from Holland who make Detroit and Chicago influenced disco and house. They just did a podcast for Resident Advisor (which in case you didn't know is the best electronic website that's out there). It's RA. 132 Motor City Drum Ensemble. The interview is good as well. Here's some tracks. When the congas take off in the track "Raw Cuts #5", the track really takes off. (via phase02)

I was trying to find a decent music video to post this week and I think I came upon a pretty good one. I hope you like it. I'm pretty surprised how natural he sings so high pitched. You can see it in the second video below.

Here's the newer Fever Ray video. She never fails to hit ridiculous. 

Here's Nosaj Thing explaining his live set up and playing live. Also a little bonus video for one of his tracks entitled "AQUARIUM".

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