Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dam Funk/Flying Lotus/Kode 9/Jazzsteppa

Dam Funk (the first photo form the top) is the newest Southern California space funk master mind on the Stones throw label. Dam Funk specializes in 80's keyboards, drum machines and vintage synthesizers. He brings us into the era of "Modern Funk" and I like it. You can also call his music L.A. Boogie or Electro-funk. 

Dam Funks drums hit hard sounding like early Prince (analog drum machine). The synths sound spaced out, and the vocals are never there to bring you deep lyrics or meaning, but just to add texture to the song. The vocals are not the main melody makers for Dam Funk; heavy synths are key. Dam has promised 3 E.p.'s this year,  let's see how far he gets. 

Flying Lotus (second photo from the top) is an L.A. based producer who's real is Steven Ellison which seems unsuitable because his music sounds pretty ahead of its time when it comes to club music in the states. His first album has 1983 and appears on the label Plug Research and was met with acclaim but not as much as his newer record, Los Angeles which has been met with high acclaim on the international experimental, instrumental, hip-hop, electronic, and Brazilian music scene and was released by Warp Records. He doesn't just make club music though, he makes listening music for you by yourself while you're reading in your room. There is so much to look forward to in FlyLo, the great nephew of the late great Alice Coltrane. 

I heard about Kode 9 2 yrs. ago from a Dubstep compilation I picked up from the Souljazz label. The songs I heard on that comp. were pretty good but it wasn't until a good friend of mine saw him DJ in New York and he told me Kode 9 killed it that I wanted to hear more. I got a hold of the some more of his singles and trying to digest why it was that Kode 9 was so great. I soon found out. I'm not the biggest fan of Spaceape who is a very popular dubstep MC, and he was featured on most of the songs that I heard. 
Kode 9 a.k.a Steve Goodman of Glasgow, Scotland is a dubstep producer along with dancehall, dub reggae,  but has roots in drum and bass, 2-step garage, and jungle. Now he is the owner of Hyperdub records and prominent dubstep producer in London. 

Jazzsteppa, a 3 piece group who range from dubstep, experimental, Nu Jazz,  and electronica. The members are Andea who does vocals, Barbie who MC's, plays trombone and effects, and Xperimentalists who does DJing, drums and effects. There are better tracks by this group but this one's nice. The singer of the group the Kills use to sing in a band from Gainesville called Discount. I saw them play in Miami when I was 15.

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