Sunday, August 16, 2009

Floating Points/Clubroot/Isolee/Aphex Twin

Floating Points is a recent add to the Planet Mu label and a classically trained musician hailing from London. He's getting a lot of buzz from the experimental and dubstep community and I think once he puts a record out, it's going to be one of the releases of the year. He combines dubstep, ambience, hip-hop and electronic experimentation. The songs I've heard so far remind me of Flying Lotus, Boxcutter and Joker. 

The sound is a mix between the L.A. experimental scene and that London dubstep scene. In the song "K and G" there's a ghostly female vocal sample that seems never ending, which while you're listening the sample flows nicely, when you start thinking about the sample, you realize how unnatural the sample sounds. 

Clubroot is a producer who specializes in UK Garage and Dubstep. He's on the Lo Dub label and has just put out an solid new record self titled, Clubroot. He's a lot more laid back than a lot of the other club music that is coming out. This might be better enjoyed on a Sunday morning, nursing your hangover while writing your blog. Wamp, Wamp.

Isolee (Rajko Muller) is a German Microhouse producer. Go figure. The new track "Albacares", is the first I've heard from Isolee in sometime now. The track has elements of Dub, House and Disco and was released on the Mule Electronic label. I haven't heard any news about a new full length, but I could see it happening prettaaaaayy, prettaaaaaaaaay soon. 

If you don't have any of his past releases, and you like this track, get all of his albums. He is good as just a listening producer but also as a club producer, which is hard to do. He is also credited as the first Microhouse producer to be played in clubs. 

Aphex Twin is a man who really needs no introduction. He's been a DJ and producer since I was in grade school. I'm posting one of his classic track from the album Selected Ambient Works 85-92, which came out in 1993. I was thinking about him today and stumbled across these tracks that I haven't heard in a while. 

If you've heard Aphex Twin's more intense works and didn't like it, this album and tracks are a lot more laid back and perfect for reading to or taking a bike ride though town. 

Bonus Track:

(The top artist is Michael Parradino)

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