Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Whenever school starts back up, I find myself listening to a lot more electronic music. I find it easier to study to really laid back groups or artist that are mostly instrumental, to help me read to. Today it was mostly the new Field record, which if you haven't heard yet, get the fuck on it, and Ben Klock's newest record, One. Minimal is key.

Ben Klock- Goldrush

Yesterday and Today, the new record by the Field, is heavily sample based and flows incredibly seamlessly. Axel Willner (aka the Field) seems like he could keep this formula up forever, and never be behind in the times.  Also, the new record has more live drums than the last record, featuring drums by John Stainer of Battles. Krautrock, Shoegaze, Post Rock, Minimal and Tech House are all sounds to expect on this record. This record also is going to be toured with a live backing band, along with the Juan MacLean, who will also have a live band. The Field is actually playing Miami soon, but fucking school is keeping me in this town. Yesterday and Today is actually why I started this blog. (Listen to both songs with headphones if you want maximum sound quality, unless you have a really good sound system. If you listen to this through your laptop speakers, you're going to hate this.)

The Field- The More That I Do

Since this is my first blog, I'll give one promise. I won't stick to just one genre of music. It looks that way right now, but that's just the kind of day it's been. It's been raining for the past 4 days here and I had to study all day. 

The Beatles -Rain 

That's todays video bonus. The song with the first backwards guitar riff...EVER!

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