Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dear God

Today, my moods were all over the place. So these post are going to be kind of funny. 
One of these records that I'll be talking about is already out, the other 2 will be out in June sometime. 

First thing's first, the new Sonic Youth album, Eternal. Their fucking 16th record. I saw on one s website (that I don't want to mention), that the record would be out soon, next thing I did was find it. I liked Rather Ripped ok, but I thought Sonic Nurse was THE SHiiiiiiiiiiiT. This record is a lot more noisy than Rather Ripped, which seemed more like a pop rock record. Eternal has balls. This is also going to be Sonic Youths Matador Records debut. The band is still playing with Pavement's Mark Ibod on bass. I think they covered their whole career on this record. With every play, I love it more. Here are some tracks...

The next post is a favorite of mine, Mos Def whose new
record is sounding very promising. Sounds like he's 
been listening to some different types of music and 
is turning his direction around a little. The sample in this
song is killer. I can't wait to hear the whole record. The
photo up top is also Mos Def's album cover.

Last but not least is the new record by Martyn entitled 
Great Lengths. Upon first listen I was blown away. 
3-3-3-3-0-0-0-0-2-2-2-2-4-4-4-4.This record is BASS
HEAVY. This record goes from Dubstep to Techno and then
to UK Garage. This kind of shit never comes to
Gainesville. I guess I'll just to wait until the next time
Sister Hazel plays to get my live music fix.

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