Sunday, May 24, 2009

Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes

I remember reading a while back that A.C. wouldn't be releasing any singles from Merriweather. Now, all of a sudden I'm hearing about their new single. They've picked some awesome people to remix their music too. The last single off Strawberry Jam, had a really good remix by Pantha Du Prince, along with a Black Dice remix (who I love), but Black Dices remix was ehh. Anyway, the first Mp3 posted for Summertime is a great remix by Dam-Funk. I never really liked the actually song, but Dam Funk gave the song texture and mood I get more into. The song now has a never 70's feel. When the chorus comes in with that killer keyboard melody on top of the vocals, that's the great moment of the song. Enjoy. 

I've been waiting to write about this album. I'm sure 
you've already heard, but the new Wilco is streaming for 
free on their website. The album is called Wilco
(the Album), which I think is pretty funny. I like to know
Wilco has a since of humor. You know the have a since
of humor when the first song on the record is called 
Wilco. Wilco has gone further into the classic rock world
on this record than ever before. Their are a few songs 
that have that intense, noisy, abrasive Wilco that I like.
The song Bull Black Nova that could be a Jim 
O'Rourke on guitar induced noise jam. It is a stand out 
track right away. All the other tracks are so happy and
welcoming. The funniest part is, that after the most 
intense song the most accessible track off the record, 
You and I. It's a nice song, but I feel like it's a high 
school love ballad. Listen.

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