Friday, May 22, 2009

It Never Stops

Rain, rain go away. It's Friday and it's still raining. Son of a bitch. At least I have some new music to keep me through the work day into a sleepy, noise pop day dream, way the fuck away from this rainy shit hole. 

The new Deerhunter EP Rainwater Cassette Exchange, is focusing more on the concrete opposed to the abstract, noise, dream pop they were doing last record. All the ambient sound interludes are missing here, and the format is straight forward pop rock songs. I'm not sure if I like this approach yet, but the songs are still solid. Every since I read an interview with Deerhunter about the band breaking up, I hear their music differently, but somehow the Liars convinced them to stay together. I hear it and see it now like Bradford Cox is leading the show and the other guys are just the backdrop. It even felt like that live. Hopefully they write some more music before it's all said and done. 

Here's a song from Bradford Cox's solo project.

Atlas Sound - My Car

And yet another side project of Deerhunter, 
from the guitar player Lockett Pundt.

Lotus Plaza - Red Oak Way

And here's a little treat to keep you laughing 
before you go out tonight. I saw this guy do 
stand up in New York and he killed it. 
Here he's doing a bit he made for a movie 
called Funny People.

This is what I'll be wanting to hear this weekend, 
Buraka Som Sistema. This is a electronic group
from Portugal that is single handedly
starting the progressive movement of Kuduro music. 
The album's great too, it's called Black Diamond.

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