Monday, October 18, 2010

Flying Lotus + Best Coast + Darkstar + Teebs

Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co-Workers from Warp Records on Vimeo.

This is another video from Flying Lotus. It's everything you'd want from a Flying Lotus video and some. If you haven't heard his new EP "Pattern+Grid World, GET ON THAT SHIT!

Everyones favorite summertime band, Best Coast is back with a video for the song "Boyfriend". Usually this kind of indie-pop is too cute for me but this band really pulls off this sound well. Also, is it me or did the singer lose a few? Either way, she sexy.

One of Hyperdub's newest groups just put out a great new record entitled North. They're no Burial but just as you would expect a Hyperdub group to produce, they make the marks. This album even treads into synth-pop waters which I wouldn't expect but somehow found it pleasantly surprising. Listen to this record. "Aidys Girl Is a Computer" you might know from the mix that Jamie from the xx put out this year for Colette.

Darkstar: "Aidy's Girl is a Computer"

Teebs is a California beat magician, but he's also a painter, skater and an artist. He's lived with Flying Lotus and now just put out his first full length LP entitled, Ardour. Andour is being released on Flying Lotus's label Brainfeeder. I actually just read a facebook post Teebs received about a text he received saying Erykah Badu likes his music. That's pretty fucking cool.

Teebs: "Double Fifths"
Teebs: "Why Like This"

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