Saturday, February 12, 2011

Switchboard @ the Ace Hotel

A new monthly party has formed via Telephoned (Sammy Bananas and Maggie Horn) at Liberty Hall in the Ace Hotel on the first Tuesday of every month. The idea is the DJs and vocalist reproduce songs in new ways in however the artists see fit. I saw some of Telephoneds set and thought it was alright. I think I kind of just walked into their set and didn't know what was going on yet. There was also some sound issues with feedback that was slowly taking cared of during Telephoned set. I meet Maggie Horn at the bar and told her the set was nice.

I was most excited to see Shyvonne (you might know from Kindom's "Mindreader") and Eli Escobar.
When Shyvoone got on the mic everyone magically swept towards her like she was some kind of mystical soundtress. When she sang too, HOLY FUCK she could belt out some notes. I don't get to see live R and B or house type vocalists live so this was a refreshing experience. I would love to see her do this again. If she sang some house/soul classics I might shit myself.

By the time Eli got on the decks for his set my posse was half done and so was the crowd. No one seemed like they were in a dancing mood which to me was kind of bullshit. He was playing a killer set though.

As we were getting ready to leave I walked up to meet Eli and see what his DJ set up was. I looked to my left as I walked to the decks and sure enough Diplo was right there. I don't really get star struck but I was surprised to see him there on a Tuesday night. Here's how our conversation went...

Me: Diplo???(surprised to see Diplo)

Diplo: Yeah, what's up man?

Me: What are you doing in the city?

Diplo: I had a court date.

Me: For what?

Diplo: For breaking some dudes arm.

Me: Why'd you do that? (thinking he was kidding)

Diplo: Because he was fucking with me.

Me: OK, see you later. (realizing I might become annoying)

My girlfriend also told me that night that Diplo was sexy like 1,900 times. Thanks, I get it;)

James Brown: "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (Eli Escobar Bmore Club edit)"

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