Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Is Arcade Fire similar to Green Day?

I remember 2004 so well, there were releases from Animal Collective Sung Tungs, Madvillain Madvallainy, Dizzee Rascal Showtime, and countless others where I actually thought music was as amazing as it was when I was 12 years old. Arcade Fire was part of this affair with Funeral. The album was as if David Bowie made a concept album about the post-apocalyptic world circa 1973, but not then now. To say the least I was blown away from all this music. I even saw Arcade Fire on tour, the band wasn't very tight yet, but the passion was there and you knew in the future they would dominate.

About 3 summers ago I saw Arcade Fire again, this time at ACL festival. The band had gotten tighter but the new record was so cheesy and full of in-your-face messages that I couldn't get into it. The stage and show were also littered with cliché, atheist-type propaganda that I always hate seeing. Neon Bible's were everywhere. That name alone (Neon Bible) gives me a stomachache. I had to walk away and go home early.

To get to the point, The Suburbs the new Arcade Fire single with b-side "Month of May" is everything you want from whinny, rich, spoiled kids who are bored and don't want to think about anything new except the same cliché bullshit. OKAY Arcade Fire, we fucking get it. The Suburbs suck and are part of the pollution to American culture. I don't want to hear about it anymore, and I hope all you other indie bands get the same idea. I think I'd feel kind of weird if I was a grown ass man and my fan base was 16 year-old kids in all black who have these formulaic thoughts of life and being alternative. What happened to individualism? Was American Idiot any influence on Neon Bible/The Suburbs? Similar ideas are on both records, one's just dumbed down more than the other. I feel both bands are using their stardom to spread their thoughtless, unoriginal thoughts of America and the future to their empty fans.

This was written due to people wanting to read bad reviews sometimes from me. I'd go on comparing the 2 bands but I don't want to give them more press that they don't deserve.

Arcade Fire: "The Suburbs"

Arcade Fire: "Month Of May"

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